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12:30pm 29/06/2003
  You are NEMO!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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06:37pm 21/06/2003
You are Green!

What colour are you?
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just a survey thingy   
08:26pm 18/06/2003
Magic Number11
JobLeader of the Free World
Likely To WinTime Off For Good Behaviour
Me - In A WordSubtle
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01:10am 25/05/2003
that is all. if u havent realized already i am saying goodbye to livejournal.
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10:37pm 19/05/2003
  Jess Mingrone's report-

Jessica Mingrone 5/19/03
Mr.Searing Psychology

Personalty is defined as a distinctive pattern of behavior,
thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes an individual over time. Through out the ages, many people have tried to better understand human behavior and to try and define the many elements it consists of. Sigmund Freud came up with a very unique theory to try and define personality. It came to be known as Freud’s personality theory, and although it isn’t accurate it inspired many present day personality ideas.
Sigmund Freud believed that biology played a major part in human development, although not in terms of specific instincts. He studied the behavior of many people to try and figure out the human mind and how personality developed. The theory that he came up with was very interesting but can not be fully accepted, because he studied a very small group of individuals- mostly the rich and mostly men. He was a very controversial figure in his time, but he definitely influenced human personality.
Freud believed that Humans had two basic needs. One was the need for bonding (also known as the life instinct) and the second is the aggressive drive (also known as the death instinct). Both these drives operate on the unconscious level. Freud believed that there was a model personality- basic needs plus influence of society to for this. He believed it to have three parts. The Id, ego and superego.
The Id, as Freud believed was the basic human drives, (unconscious) and that it demands immediate satisfaction. The Id is present at birth and society opposes it because it is self centered. The Id works with the pleasure principal. Which is the demand to take care of its needs. The Id does not know what it wants in an adult sense but It does know that it wants something and that it cannot wait to get it- it wants it now. For example a screaming baby wants food and it wants it when it cries for it, right then and there. It does not understand anything but its selfish needs. The baby will continue to scream until it gets what it wants- the food and it will scream for the attention until it cant think of anything else. This is where the drive breaks into the consciousness. The ego relates the organism to reality by means of its consciousness, and it searches for objects to satisfy the wishes that id creates to represent the organisms needs. This activity is called the secondary process. . The second process is called the Ego. It is based on the reality principal. The ego is when a person approaches the world realistically. A persons conscience efforts balance innate pleasure- seeking drives with the demands of society. The ego develops as a human being becomes aware of themself and that they cannot have everything that they want in reality. It Is the egos job to meet the needs of the id, while taking into consideration the reality of the situation. For example a child cries for food but understands that the mother will feed it when it is the right time to eat.
The third process is called the superego. The superego is the human personality. The operation of culture within the individual (conscience). The superego tells a person why they cannot have everything that they want. It forms as a child becomes aware of parental control and as they mature to understand that everyone’s behavior must conform to cultural norms. For example the child wants food, knows that the mother will feed it, but understands that the mother has her own life and will do it when she has time to.
The id and the superego remain in conflict however. Somehow the ego manages the two opposite forces. But if the conflict is not resolved, it could result in a personality disorder later on in their life. After this happens a person Soon comes to a sublimation. Sublimation is a compromise of self and of society. It redirects selfish drives into socially acceptable behavior. A human realizes they must obey some laws of society and act according to what is acceptable.
Although Sigmund Feud’s personality theory is not a hundred percent accepted, it has had a great impact on the study of the human mind and human personality. Freud was not too far off however, because many of the parts of the theory seem to prove true, even today. The human mind is very complex and will take a long time to fully understand.
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hey hey hey!!!   
04:22pm 17/05/2003
mood: flirty
hey hey hey

well all i gotta say is that Jr Prom was awesome!!!!!!!!! it was really funn- dancing takin pics and i got a pic with the statue of liberty!!!( the theme was a night in NYC) haha, and then chris larry and Jess came over to my house and we had a great time! I looked pretty and larry bought me this gorgeus corsage!!!! im gunna keep it forever. dancing was soo funn. we had a great time- we also got a cool cd and key ring and picture frames and it was just awesome. very happy. then Jess slept over after the boys left. i liked the slow dances the best i felt so happy when Larry was holding me and (the fun dancing hint hint LOL) yeah. so it was amazing and every1 looked nice and the gym i thought was pretty. so all in all it was a great night i will always remember. larry was a great date and he even gave me his jacket when i was cold at night (awww).
today Jess and i went to mcds and then she went home around 2. im gunna go and on this great note...
MY JOURNAL IS NOW FRIENDS ONLY!!! tell me if u wanna be added as a friend to my list by iming me.
ok guys
the weekend   
08:41am 12/05/2003
well im in school right now in spanish- we r done with our project. my computer broke- its only 5 mons old the hard drive went! but we r getting a new one in 3-4 days which means no im until then but i do have my phine which i h8 going on.
friday- i dyed my hair reddish brown. it looks really nice i think. i did it with anne then went to yg and hung out with chris and watched a movie.
saturday- i went to teen night after doing nuthing too much durting the day. my mom drove me and chris and his mom took me home.
sunday- i went to hearts after a movie marathon day. mothers day movies lol. ok yeah- and then to hearts and then me and chris went out to dinner to good steer with my family it was funn lol haha it was really funny.
ok- i g2g
bye now
ooo and jr prom is in 4 days.
hey hey hey   
03:03pm 09/05/2003
i wish i could keep this moment now. the feeling i have now. becuz i am content and i dont wanna change. so i hope that this will last this time.

thank u God!! ur the best obviously!

and i am now going out to get my hair died light brown with blonde highlights with anne then yg time. ok adios mi amigos!

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07:34am 02/05/2003
i havent written in a coupla days. i dunno been busy? yeah ive been busy thats why. so jr prom is so soon. today i plan to go to the mall with annette and buy this cute lil bag i like in bakers that i think will match and some outlast pearl lipstick and also a new bra maybe at victoria secret? ahh we will see. then yg is tonight. tomorow is teen night.............ok. so i wanted chris and me to go to the mall buthe has work so i am gunna go with annette. so i have lost around 15 pounds maybe more maybe less and it was all in a month- too cool. i wanna be thin for summer! so badly i know i can do this. so what id i do this week? well nanny was here but shes leavin today and last night was mikes concert and then we went out to good steer and i ate a delicious- SALAD and i didnt eat the lettuce haha that was too funny. i watched a good movie ysterday on lifetime so yay to that and wednesday was yg and chris came over and we had mcds and hung out it was fun. hearts is sunday like always. im in science right now 1st period got done with my work. 5 mins til bell rings. so this entry was pointless? lol ok yeah it was guna go
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and so...   
02:46pm 27/04/2003

well 2day i woke up and went to C.C.U.M and all. i was dead tired...went to bed at like 4 am and then woke up at 8:40 ish. threw my kinda straight hair up in a pony tail and put on some stupid sweater and jeans... then threw on makeup...i looked awful im sure...but do i care? no. chris didnt go to church today..strange since he said hed be there and his a/m says hes out for the day? whered he go...i dont think hes gunna go to hearts tonight? im not sure....ok last night was awful. thats all i have to say about that!
peace out
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and i keep repeating this to myself   
12:32am 27/04/2003
  not every1 has to love u or even like u....................

thats true....but why should u hate me? U DONT EVEN KNOW ME AHHHHHHHHHH

ok done venting
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03:09pm 26/04/2003
right now im kinda frustrated and hurt. i came online to see who was on and i see that 2 of my friends are both away. so i read their away messages and i mean i knew that they planned to hang out today so that didnt bother me. but then i read one fo theirs and realize that she is at another of my freinds. i feel so left out and hurt. no1 invited me to go to any of their houses or to hang out with any of them....y not? i thot we were friends.....im so confused? do they not like me? this is really hurting me....i dont think chris got invited either cuz he has work....but it would have been nice if me and him had gotten invited. i feel like they dislike me. it wouldnt bother me if they were just hangin out or something but its like a lot of my friends and none of them thought to ask me to come at all. ahhhh that is so mean.
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my day   
01:49am 26/04/2003
today was basically a nice day. i worked out all day long doing tons of workouts i found in mags and went to the track with nanny and walked and ran and stuff. then i came home and relaxed....i have lost 15 lbs yayayayyay wow im so proud of that. and lets see oh yes i talked to larry and he asked me out...again....i dunno if i wanna be his g/f again lol altho he is goodlooking and hes liek i really miss u u were my 1st love...i dunno what to do...i mean...so confused. i want a bf...maybe just not larry theres sooo much of a past with us and our relationship was soo rocky..ill have to see what happens jr prom and all. when i see him my feelings for him flood back...ok anywayz i also talked to chris from like 10-12:30 and then watched a show and now im here talkin to matt
ok gunna go
byezzzz Jess
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fill this out for meeeee every1!!!   
01:18am 25/04/2003
  1. when and how did we meet:
2. have u ever seen me dressed up:
3. have you ever seen me cry:
4. describe me in four adjectives:
5. if we could spend a day together what would we do:
6. have we ever gotten in a fight:
7. if you could give me a present what would it be:
8. would you hug me:
9. what do you really think of me:
10. have we ever kissed:
11. has there ever been anything you wanted to tell me, but were scared to:
12. wanna makeout:
13. name one thing you dont like about me:
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can ur bro..(ahhhh) lol   
10:13pm 24/04/2003
well yesterday i wrote a whole entry and then the internet went down so umm...here we go
yesterday chris came over. It was really fun. we walked to checkers (i didnt get ne thing tho) then we came back to my house and chilled- went online, watched tv, walked to the track so chris could sk8 and i watched, then came back and did the same things over lol but we had a great time.
then today i got a seventeen in the mail and i was so excited ( yeah im so addicted to those things lol) and spent some quality alone time it was nice got some nice makeup tips. then i asked greg to come over so i met up wiuth him and michael at 7-11 and then michale had to go so me and greg chilled and walked home to my house and it was soo nice. we got to really talk hes a great peron. then we went online and then chris came over and we walked to the stores and checkers and yeah. then greg left and chris stayed til like 8:30 then i drove him home- without crashing go me lol. ok yeah bye
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12:29pm 24/04/2003
  You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
-Sensitive- You're Sensitive, and you'd like to
stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much
Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally
charged. You definitely love the person you're
with, and always want to know how they're
feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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01:22am 23/04/2003
You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
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runnin thru my mind   
01:08am 23/04/2003
mood: drained
today was very...weird. i woke up at 11 had to run to the computer and make a card which didnt work so u ended up making one that looked terrible :$ but oh well. annettes party was at 12 and i didnt even have a present...or i wasnt even dressed for that matter and it was a very formal party and i needed to dress up. so i get dressed up throw some money in my home made ugly card, talked online for a few moments haha even tho i had no time in reality to do that. so i threw on my easter skirt and shirt and ran the straightner over my hair, threw on some makeup and called myself ready. i went to get on the mongoose bike...but the tire was flat and it was raining so i walked in a skirt and heels to her house across a main road and a few blocks half asleep. wow what a morning! so i get to her house and it was....not my style....a lil strange...but shes a good friend so i had fun being there. craig came too. he is hott. he walked me half of the way home. it felt like a dream- one of the most popular and the most hottest guy in like the world and i have thot that since i was 11 yrs old walkin me home and talkin to me lol. yeahhhh. see no longer does popularity play a role in a person to me anymore it is more who the person is. i did nuthing much after that until 8 when i watched Gilmore girls what funn and called chris for like 3 hrs.
chris is comin over tomorow..YAY im excited i love hanging with my best friend. im sure every1 loves hangin with there best friend....lol ok yeah
i feel like crap. im gunna re-do induction on atkins so i can lose like 10 more pounds so i will be half way to my goal....by august i should have a bikini and belly ring haha cant wait! ok but tonight i shhhhhhh( i umm cheated) ahhh i ate candy and a lot of it btw but then i tried to.....and thenn...lol ahhh nm i felt so guilty so i wanna redo induction anywayz and i feel sick i never am doing that again some1 slap me!! i know i know its one night but ahh i was doing perfect....lost 11 lbs i think....ok nighty night
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not bad, not bad...   
01:49am 22/04/2003
Heath Ledger: You like them with a drop dead
gorgeous smile, cute accent and from the Land
Down Under.

Which guy are you destined to have sex with?
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interesting night   
01:31am 22/04/2003
mood: amused
heyyy all,

today was very interesting..i went to bed last night around 1:30 which is very early for me and i slept until 1:30 pm so i got 12 hrs of sleep. wow. but im still tired..the more sleep i get the more tired i am weird....ok. i love that we have this week off so so so much. i get to relax, hang out with friends and sleep!
so this is what i did today: i took a shower and when i got out kaitlyn called and asked if i could go to the mall then to the used concert. so i said yeah and got all ready to go. they picked me up around 5:30 and we went to the mall..haha spencers was fun to find stuff in haha and umm fye= no hotties today and we had fun shopping for green shirts in contempo and charlotte russe and kaitlyn got cool bracelets and a pin in hot topic. then we got dinner and all i had was the chicken no bun, and we went to sports plus and i almost fell on the grass. i fall everywheres i go. we tried to snaek into the concert but got caught- HIM- "ladies bracelets.." US- "ummmmmm ummm we r waiting for my sis?" hahhahahahaha that was great! then we went down stairs and just walked around stalking hott guys and people asked for kaitlyns number haha like 11 year olds and we found 52 tickets and stole a troll!!! haha too funny. had some guy bump into me and some guys try and get me and kaitlyn 2 big black guys (and im not prejudice at all and i hate racist people but im just saying they were big and balck nuthing at all against them) then a girl hit on me and kaitlyn ewwwwwwww and then we tried to get bracelets from people and i found a used one on the ground haha. we continiued to stalk people..it was a great fun night, chris called my cell and when i came home we got to talk, (i love him as a friend hes the greatest best friend in the whole world) so now im here. i have anne's party tomorow i gotta dress up and get a present and i dunno what time its at ahhhh. lol. craig is going. wednesday chris is coming over yay and then i think i might go out with this ugly guy and his friend for steph? LOL ok yeah.. i love this week. life is going good and i dont wanna jinx that and i like it. ok bye guys
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