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interesting night

heyyy all,

today was very interesting..i went to bed last night around 1:30 which is very early for me and i slept until 1:30 pm so i got 12 hrs of sleep. wow. but im still tired..the more sleep i get the more tired i am weird....ok. i love that we have this week off so so so much. i get to relax, hang out with friends and sleep!
so this is what i did today: i took a shower and when i got out kaitlyn called and asked if i could go to the mall then to the used concert. so i said yeah and got all ready to go. they picked me up around 5:30 and we went to the mall..haha spencers was fun to find stuff in haha and umm fye= no hotties today and we had fun shopping for green shirts in contempo and charlotte russe and kaitlyn got cool bracelets and a pin in hot topic. then we got dinner and all i had was the chicken no bun, and we went to sports plus and i almost fell on the grass. i fall everywheres i go. we tried to snaek into the concert but got caught- HIM- "ladies bracelets.." US- "ummmmmm ummm we r waiting for my sis?" hahhahahahaha that was great! then we went down stairs and just walked around stalking hott guys and people asked for kaitlyns number haha like 11 year olds and we found 52 tickets and stole a troll!!! haha too funny. had some guy bump into me and some guys try and get me and kaitlyn 2 big black guys (and im not prejudice at all and i hate racist people but im just saying they were big and balck nuthing at all against them) then a girl hit on me and kaitlyn ewwwwwwww and then we tried to get bracelets from people and i found a used one on the ground haha. we continiued to stalk was a great fun night, chris called my cell and when i came home we got to talk, (i love him as a friend hes the greatest best friend in the whole world) so now im here. i have anne's party tomorow i gotta dress up and get a present and i dunno what time its at ahhhh. lol. craig is going. wednesday chris is coming over yay and then i think i might go out with this ugly guy and his friend for steph? LOL ok yeah.. i love this week. life is going good and i dont wanna jinx that and i like it. ok bye guys
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