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runnin thru my mind

today was very...weird. i woke up at 11 had to run to the computer and make a card which didnt work so u ended up making one that looked terrible :$ but oh well. annettes party was at 12 and i didnt even have a present...or i wasnt even dressed for that matter and it was a very formal party and i needed to dress up. so i get dressed up throw some money in my home made ugly card, talked online for a few moments haha even tho i had no time in reality to do that. so i threw on my easter skirt and shirt and ran the straightner over my hair, threw on some makeup and called myself ready. i went to get on the mongoose bike...but the tire was flat and it was raining so i walked in a skirt and heels to her house across a main road and a few blocks half asleep. wow what a morning! so i get to her house and it was....not my style....a lil strange...but shes a good friend so i had fun being there. craig came too. he is hott. he walked me half of the way home. it felt like a dream- one of the most popular and the most hottest guy in like the world and i have thot that since i was 11 yrs old walkin me home and talkin to me lol. yeahhhh. see no longer does popularity play a role in a person to me anymore it is more who the person is. i did nuthing much after that until 8 when i watched Gilmore girls what funn and called chris for like 3 hrs.
chris is comin over tomorow..YAY im excited i love hanging with my best friend. im sure every1 loves hangin with there best ok yeah
i feel like crap. im gunna re-do induction on atkins so i can lose like 10 more pounds so i will be half way to my august i should have a bikini and belly ring haha cant wait! ok but tonight i shhhhhhh( i umm cheated) ahhh i ate candy and a lot of it btw but then i tried to.....and ahhh nm i felt so guilty so i wanna redo induction anywayz and i feel sick i never am doing that again some1 slap me!! i know i know its one night but ahh i was doing perfect....lost 11 lbs i think....ok nighty night
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