jessica (scorpgirl86) wrote,

can ur bro..(ahhhh) lol

well yesterday i wrote a whole entry and then the internet went down so we go
yesterday chris came over. It was really fun. we walked to checkers (i didnt get ne thing tho) then we came back to my house and chilled- went online, watched tv, walked to the track so chris could sk8 and i watched, then came back and did the same things over lol but we had a great time.
then today i got a seventeen in the mail and i was so excited ( yeah im so addicted to those things lol) and spent some quality alone time it was nice got some nice makeup tips. then i asked greg to come over so i met up wiuth him and michael at 7-11 and then michale had to go so me and greg chilled and walked home to my house and it was soo nice. we got to really talk hes a great peron. then we went online and then chris came over and we walked to the stores and checkers and yeah. then greg left and chris stayed til like 8:30 then i drove him home- without crashing go me lol. ok yeah bye
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