jessica (scorpgirl86) wrote,

my day

today was basically a nice day. i worked out all day long doing tons of workouts i found in mags and went to the track with nanny and walked and ran and stuff. then i came home and relaxed....i have lost 15 lbs yayayayyay wow im so proud of that. and lets see oh yes i talked to larry and he asked me out...again....i dunno if i wanna be his g/f again lol altho he is goodlooking and hes liek i really miss u u were my 1st love...i dunno what to do...i confused. i want a bf...maybe just not larry theres sooo much of a past with us and our relationship was soo rocky..ill have to see what happens jr prom and all. when i see him my feelings for him flood back...ok anywayz i also talked to chris from like 10-12:30 and then watched a show and now im here talkin to matt
ok gunna go
byezzzz Jess
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