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i havent written in a coupla days. i dunno been busy? yeah ive been busy thats why. so jr prom is so soon. today i plan to go to the mall with annette and buy this cute lil bag i like in bakers that i think will match and some outlast pearl lipstick and also a new bra maybe at victoria secret? ahh we will see. then yg is tonight. tomorow is teen night.............ok. so i wanted chris and me to go to the mall buthe has work so i am gunna go with annette. so i have lost around 15 pounds maybe more maybe less and it was all in a month- too cool. i wanna be thin for summer! so badly i know i can do this. so what id i do this week? well nanny was here but shes leavin today and last night was mikes concert and then we went out to good steer and i ate a delicious- SALAD and i didnt eat the lettuce haha that was too funny. i watched a good movie ysterday on lifetime so yay to that and wednesday was yg and chris came over and we had mcds and hung out it was fun. hearts is sunday like always. im in science right now 1st period got done with my work. 5 mins til bell rings. so this entry was pointless? lol ok yeah it was guna go
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