jessica (scorpgirl86) wrote,

the weekend

well im in school right now in spanish- we r done with our project. my computer broke- its only 5 mons old the hard drive went! but we r getting a new one in 3-4 days which means no im until then but i do have my phine which i h8 going on.
friday- i dyed my hair reddish brown. it looks really nice i think. i did it with anne then went to yg and hung out with chris and watched a movie.
saturday- i went to teen night after doing nuthing too much durting the day. my mom drove me and chris and his mom took me home.
sunday- i went to hearts after a movie marathon day. mothers day movies lol. ok yeah- and then to hearts and then me and chris went out to dinner to good steer with my family it was funn lol haha it was really funny.
ok- i g2g
bye now
ooo and jr prom is in 4 days.
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