jessica (scorpgirl86) wrote,


right now im kinda frustrated and hurt. i came online to see who was on and i see that 2 of my friends are both away. so i read their away messages and i mean i knew that they planned to hang out today so that didnt bother me. but then i read one fo theirs and realize that she is at another of my freinds. i feel so left out and hurt. no1 invited me to go to any of their houses or to hang out with any of them....y not? i thot we were so confused? do they not like me? this is really hurting me....i dont think chris got invited either cuz he has work....but it would have been nice if me and him had gotten invited. i feel like they dislike me. it wouldnt bother me if they were just hangin out or something but its like a lot of my friends and none of them thought to ask me to come at all. ahhhh that is so mean.
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