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hey hey hey!!!

hey hey hey

well all i gotta say is that Jr Prom was awesome!!!!!!!!! it was really funn- dancing takin pics and i got a pic with the statue of liberty!!!( the theme was a night in NYC) haha, and then chris larry and Jess came over to my house and we had a great time! I looked pretty and larry bought me this gorgeus corsage!!!! im gunna keep it forever. dancing was soo funn. we had a great time- we also got a cool cd and key ring and picture frames and it was just awesome. very happy. then Jess slept over after the boys left. i liked the slow dances the best i felt so happy when Larry was holding me and (the fun dancing hint hint LOL) yeah. so it was amazing and every1 looked nice and the gym i thought was pretty. so all in all it was a great night i will always remember. larry was a great date and he even gave me his jacket when i was cold at night (awww).
today Jess and i went to mcds and then she went home around 2. im gunna go and on this great note...
MY JOURNAL IS NOW FRIENDS ONLY!!! tell me if u wanna be added as a friend to my list by iming me.
ok guys
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